About Me

Hello all! I’m Ally, short for Alexandra. I’m 25 turning 26. I’m a single mom to a wonderful little boy, living in the Big Apple (NYC). I nanny 3 days a week and I’m a cast member at the Disney Store in Times Square. My plan is to finish my degree in Film and move out to California to continue working for Disney. 

Ally’s Pixie Dust is a simple blog dedicated to everything Disney. Yup, you heard right, I said Disney. So if you don’t like Disney then you haven’t found your movie yet because it’s everyone. From babies to the Elderly. Men and Women, Disney wants everyone to feel special.

Now just because I’m a cast member does not mean I speak on behalf of Disney nor will I tell you Castmember secrets. If it’s an Offical announcement then *Official* will be written and the link to Disney will be cited. Otherwise all posts are opinion based from a dedicated fan.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or shoot me an email at allyneznamy@gmail.com