Epcot – Layout

World ShowCase

The American Adventure

Mexican Pavillion Credit to: WDWinfo.com

American Heritage Gallery

Bijutsu – Kan Gallery

Frozen Ever After

Gallery of Arts and History

Gran Fiesta tour starring the Three Caballeros

House of Whispering Willows

Impressions de France

Kid cot Fun Stops

Mexico Folk Art Gallery

O Canada

Reflections of China

Stave Church Gallery


Future World

Bruce’s Shark World

The Circle of Life

ASD-EP-02012017 - 1.jpg
Future World Credit to: mouseplanet.com

Coral Reefs 

Disney Phones and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase adventure

Disney – Pixar Short Film Festival

Ellen’s Energy Adventure

Image works – the what ifs


Journey into Imagination with Figment

Leave a legacy

Living with the land

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the wonders of the Future

Reef Fish


The Seas with Nemo and Friends

Sea Turtles

Sharks and Stingrays


Spaceship Earth

est Track

Turtle Talk with Crush

Advanced Training lab

Mission: SPACE


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