The Little Mermaid

The film “The Little mermaid” is based on the story written by Hans Christian Anderson was released on November 17th, 1989. Ariel (Jodi Benson) is King Triton’s (Kenneth Mars) youngest daughter was being introduced to the kingdom through her singing debut produced by Sebastian (Samuel E. Wright). Ariel had other plans though. She was off exploring a shipwreck with her bestie Flounder (Jason Marin). When she brings her findings to Scuttle (Buddy Hackett) he reminds her she was supposed be at the concert. Flounder and Ariel swim back to a furious king who reprimands her for going up to the surface. When Ariel storms off to her cave of treasures, ing Triton tells Sebastian to follow her. As Ariel is pouting about being in trouble she sees a ship pass over. She goes to investigate. Ariel sees Prince Eric (Christopher Daniel Barnes) and is crew celebrating the Prince’s birthday. Ariel falls in love and wants more than anything to be a human. A sudden storm comes and lightening strikes the ship”s mast causing the ship to go up in flames. Everyone escapes but Eric starts to drown. Ariel rescues him and sings him back into consciousness. Now Eric was the beach looking for the girl behind the voice.
Meanwhile King Triton finds out about Ariel’s heroic deed and destroys her measures. As Ariel is running, okay swimming away, Flotsam and Jetsam (Paddi Edwards), Ursula’s (Pat Carroll) pet eels, convince Ariel to visit the sea witch, who can turn her human. Indeed Ariel turns into a human but she gave Ursula her voice and Ariel has only 3 days to get Prince Eric to its her. Flounder and Sebastian help her to the beac where Eric finds her. He wants to believe she’s his rescuer but changes his mind when he figures out she can’t talk. During the next 2 days Eric gets Ariel accommodated and shows her around.
On the night before the 3rd day, Eric hears Ariel’s voice but it was coming from Ursula in disguise as Vanessa. Eric instantly wants to marry her. They set the date to marry at sea the next day. Ariel finds out and is heart broken. Flounder tells Scuttle, who discovers Ursula’s secret. Scuttle, Flounder Sebastian and Ariel quickly recruit other birds and sea animals to stop the wedding. During the fight Eric discovers the truth behind Ursula and Ariel. Ursula is furious and tries to destroy them. Eric and Ariel defeat her. The story ends with Ariel and Eric’s marriage and a peace between humans and mermaids.
I loved this movie as a id and still do as a grown up. Unfortunately my 4 year old son doesn’t like it as much but does love Sebastian and the music. I still wish i could be a mermaid so swim into some fun and have a splash with The Little Mermaid 4.5/5 stars.

Hidden Easter Eggs

Ariel had a painting of The Magdalene with the Smoking Flame by Georges de la Tour
Mr. Limpet from The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964) makes a cameo during the under the sea scene
The King from Cinderella and the Grand Duke are seen during the fight scene on the ship

Hidden Mickey

During King Triton’s Entrance he passes Mickey, Donald and Goofy
hidden Mickey on Ursula’s contract
Hidden Mickeys on the wedding decorations on Eric’s ship

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