Lilo & Stitch

Lilo and Stitch, an original story inspired by Chris Sanders, was released in theaters on June 21st, 2002, is about a young Orphan girl Lilo (Daveigh Chase) who stays with her sister Nani (Tia Carrere). Dani and Lilo are about to lose each other because the social worker Cobra Bubbles (Ving James) does not think Nani is responsible enough to tae care of the very stubborn and troublesome Lilo. Nani tries so hard to that she adopts a dog. That dog happens to be Stitch (Chris Sanders) who is really an escaped experiment created by Dr. Jumba (David Ogden Stiers) to be evil.Captain Gantu (Kevin Michael Richardson) had previously failed to capture experiment 626 a.k.a Stitch contained so sends Dr. Jumba and Agent Pleakley (Kevin McDonald) to Hawaii to recapture him. Unbeknownst to them, Stitch has overcome his Evilness and fears to be a part of Lilo and Nani’s family. Stitch dodges Dr. Jumba, Agent Pleakley and Gantu while keeping Lilo relatively safe. Lil and Stitch end up getting captured by Gantu, Stitch was able to escape but before he could get Lilo. With the help of Pleakley and Jumba Stitch rescues Lilo. They rebuild Nani and Lilo’s House and live happily ever after at least until the next adventure.

This film is cute and quirky with loving characters such as Stitch, Lilo, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley and even Gantu. Not scary at all for children but is very relatable. It will having you crying and laughing by the end. 4/5 Stars

Hidden Eggs

The Rocket Ship from Pizza Planet where Buzz and Woody (Toy Story) was outside where Pleakley and Jamba were camping out.

A small stuffed animal Dumbo was in Lilo’s easel

The Adopt Today poster in the Animal Shelter had Little Brother (Mulan) on it

In Nani’s room there is a poster of Mulan on the wall.

The Pixar ball is on a stool in the kitchen

All license plates were A113 (from Cal Tech Institute were the animators studied)

Mulan Wok is the Chinese restaurant Lilo and Nani pass.

The face on the Duke poster in Nani’s room changes when Stitch throws the car at Jumba and Bleakly

Scrump, Lilo’s favorite stuffed animal, smiles after Lilo through him on the ground and goes to pick him back up.

When Nani was at the Hotel looking for employment, Stitch had a rose in his hand (Tribute to Beauty and the Beast)

The animal shelter lady’s name was Susan Hegarty, which is the name of the actress who voiced her.

Pleakley and Jumba used a View master (a toy to see 3D effects) but neither had 2 eyes. Jamba had 2 eyes and Pleakley 1. Also when Plealey first used the View master it showed Dinosaurs.

When Stitch pics the inside of his cage during questioning its the D from Disney

The Postcards have Orlando (with Walt Disney World) San Franscico, Chicago and Seattle .. hometowns of the animators

Earth was referred to as Area 51

There is a seashell (The Little Mermaid) on the railing upstairs by Lilo’s room

Stitch destroys a pretend San Francisco

an extra on the beach is made to look like Dean DuBois

another extra is made to look like his Sanders

Hidden Mickey

 Jumba’s platform during his trial

Alien script

3 melons form a mickey at the grocery store

As a truck passes by, theres a hidden mickey on the side mirror

a mickey on Bleakley’s octopus

mickey at the bottom of a boot during scrump’s operation

on the screen of Gantu’s ship is a hidden mickey

hidden mickey on the christmas ornaments during the gift exchange

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